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The NeuroModulation Laboratory is part of the Brain & Behaviour Group at the University of Surrey. We use multimodal tools to explore how the brain coordinates interactions between regions and how neuromodulators can shape those interactions. The lab is headed by Dr. Ines Violante.

Like an orchestra that relies on the coordinated efforts of its members, the brain depends on its many regions working together to perform the multitude of cognitive functions that makes us human. These functions allow us to solve problems, retrieve relevant information from memory and select the responses necessary to perform a particular task. In order to do this, the brain must coordinate the interactions between regions located far apart. One of the greatest challenges of modern neuroscience is to understand how these interactions occur, and how their occurrence gives rise to efficient behaviour.

We are interested in developing and applying tools capable of influencing brain function and the interaction between brain regions. This could help scientists understand better how a particular pattern of brain activity is associated to efficient behaviour, such as being able to retain information in memory or solve a problem. Such tools could then be applied to neurological and psychiatric conditions, where the interactions between brain regions are malfunctioning.



Can hormone replacement help protect the ageing brain?

Neuroimaging investigation into the effects of HRT on brain chemistry, brain morphology, and brain function in postmenopausal women.

Enhancement of Sleep Quality through Neurostimulation

Temporal Interference Stimulation targeting Sleep Spindles.

Modulation of REM sleep oscillations using closed-loop auditory stimulation

Closed-loop auditory stimulation targeting REM sleep oscillations.


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Research Group


Ines R. Violante

Principal Investigator, Senior Lecturer Psychological Neuroscience


Daniella Jones

PhD Candidate


Henry Hebron

PhD Candidate


Prince Okyere

PhD Candidate


Tobias Raufeisen

PhD Researcher


Valeria Jaramillo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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Tibor Auer

Postdoctoral Researcher



Danielle Kurtin

PhD student


Will Mayes

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